Pain on lower right side

by Marie
(United States)

Pain on lower right side.

From what I read it could be Mesenteric Adenitis, I've had a cold at the beginning of November. It went away for a week and came back on December 3rd. I am still feeling unwell, coughing, low grade fevers (99.7 range) The pain isn't my ovaries cramping, it doesn't feel like a cyst, either.

I do, however have Ulcerative Colitis/Proctitis.

But, never have I experienced pain like this. The pain tends to get worse if I am lying down and sit up or if I cough, and with this cold I've been coughing a lot.

I'm debating on headed to the emergency room or just seeing if it passes, this is day two that I felt this pain. And it feels more exterior rather than on the insides of my organs.


Dear Marie,

I get it. You have been experiencing a pain in your right lower abdomen for the last two days with associated low grade fever. This pain is preceded by an episode of cold about a month ago, and based on these, you do think you might be having mesenteric lymphadenitis.

You do suffer with ulcerative colitis.

You are wondering if you should go to ER.

May I ask how old you are? Have you had your appendix removed? What has your appetite being like? Has there been any change in your bowel habits recently - any diarrhoea or constipation?

What about your period? Any change in pattern? I know you think this right lower abdominal pain might not be coming from your ovaries, but it is a possibility your doctor would need to exclude.

Given the fact that you feel pain more when you move, and with a low grade fever, I will suggest you see a doctor as soon as you can (yes, go to ER), to exclude appendicitis.

Yes. You may be right. It could just be messenteric lymphadenitis, but we do not want to take chances, just in case it is appendicitis.

Going into ER will also afford the opportunity to exclude something simple as urine tract infection, which could also cause low grade fever and right or left sided abdominal pain.

Lots of information here. Isn't it?

In summary, I think you should go to ER (Emergency Room) to be examined to exclude appendicitis or UTI etc, as messenteric lymphadenitis could mimic any of the above conditions.

I hope this helps.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require any further information.

Good Health To You.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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