pain lower left below belly button above leg join SHARP

by Dave

60 yrs. old, H.B.P., type 2 D.,pain started a week ago and is lower left of the belly button just above leg joint. Sharp pain is about a 10 on a scale of 10 and i`am bent over. I use to drink moonshine alot but have quit about 4 months ago,now i just drink diet pop and alot of water and about 6 cups of coffee maybe 3 time a week.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your "pain lower left below belly button above leg join (sharp)". That must be a lot of pain to bear - 10 out of 10, ongoing for about a week!
Have you seen a doctor? What pain killers are you taking? Any blood test or x-rays or scan yet? If none, it will be best to seek urgent medical attention with your local ER.
This is the type of abdominal pain symptom that will definitely require a one-to-one review and examination by a doctor, just in case it is something serious that is causing the pain. I could go ahead and list a few things that could be causing this pain, but will require more information and examination to be able to reach any sensible diagnosis or conclusion.

With your history of diabetes and hypertension with a left lower abdominal pain so severe, please book in to see a doctor as soon as possible.

I am really sorry if we are unable to be of any help on this occasion, but please do not hesitate to come back if there is any other way we could help.

Thank you once more for stopping by here at and hope you come back soon to follow up with our updates.

Good Health To You.

Dr Edema

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