Pain in upper right, underneath my breast

by Veronica johnston
(Victorville,CA, USA)

My name is Veronica Johnston. I am only 21 years old, I have no health problems just 3 bulging disc in back from a car accident, and miscarriage in January at 8weeks.

For the pass 3-4 weeks I have pain non stop in my upper side right underneath my breast, and it moves all from side and into my upper back. All at the same time. It hurts to sneeze it hurts to cough, it hurts to breathe in, it hurts to stretch, and everyday sometime during the day it will all of sudden hurt really bad.

To where I would want to cry but it hurts crying to....I would feel nausea sometimes and feel tired. It feels like I abused my ribs or someone has punch me or I ran into something but I haven't. Oh I also one time my blood level was just very little higher than normal for blood clots. But that's really it.

I can't even sleep on my right side for a long time or it start to hurt. I don't want it is or what to do. And I'm so sick and tired of it. I am 5'9 weigh 164. I thought maybe it would be breast cancer but I have no genetic or people in my family who has breast cancer.

But I grew all of suden this lump on my neck on the right side. Can someone please help me? Or should I just go to doctor? I just would hate going and end up being in pain but saying nothing wrong with me when it feels like and has to have some kind of cause to why it's like this.

If someone can plz reply to me that would be great. Thank you

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