pain in upper left abdomen under rib cage

by William

I had pain in upper left abdomen under rib cage. I had an ultrasound and the report states, Heterogeneous mostly increased hepatic echotexture which may be associated with fatty infiltration or hepatocellular disease. They suggest CT with contrast.

Dear Bill,

I am sorry to hear of your pain in upper left abdomen under your rib cage.

From the ultrasound report, it appears that you have fatty liver disease.

Fatty liver disease occurs when we accumulate fat in our liver, displacing the liver cells, which could lead to liver cell death and scar formation in the liver called cirrhosis.

If unchecked, the cirrhosis could then lead to liver cancer.

The report also suggest that your liver might show signs of liver damage (hepatocellular disease).

You certainly will require a Fibroscan and MR elastography to better characterise the degree of involvement if deemed significant.

If the final result comes back as fatty liver disease, this can be cured. This is something we do for our patients always.

If you have any specific questions, let us know.

Get well.

Omatseye Edema MD

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