Pain in the upper right abdomen

by Roxy Sloane
(Chicago, IL)

Roxy Sloane,

age 60, hypertension

Three "attacks" of excruiating pain in the upper right abdomen lasting from 1-5 minutes. Starts out feeling like bad gas pains which last for approximately 10-12 hours. Then the severe pain kicks in with vomiting afterwards and extreme cold all over. The next day starts with a bad headache and low-grade fever which lasts all day. Pain starts to subside around day three but have not gone to the bathroom for two days. So I take laxatives which clean me out. Can only eat small amount of food, piece of dry toast with tea, canned fruit, soup. It usually takes four days to start feeling better.

Hello Roxy,

Any thoughts as to what you think might be going on? Did you say gallbladder infection? Yes. I completely agree with you. It seems you have a condition called Cholecystitis, or infection of the gall bladder. This conditions caused, up to 90 percent of the time, by the presence of stone in the gallbladder, obstructing the flow of bile. With time, the stagnant bile encourages growth of bugs and the gallbladder itself becomes infected, and distended, causing the right sided upper abdominal pain you've described.
The feeling of hot and cold comes from the infection (fever) and als this makes it difficult to have a normal appetite.

What are your eyes like? Gone yellowish?

You will need to see a doctor, Roxy, as untreated cholecystitis could turn into an abscess, and sometimes, lead to rupture of the gallbladder, which is a surgical emergency.

So, please see your doctor, who may do some blood test, you most likely will need a scan to confirm or rule out what we think it is, and then take it from there.

Another condition that could present like what you've described is what doctors refer to as subphrenic abscess.

Whatever is causing your right upper abdominal pain sounds significant enough to warrant you to visit your doctor.

Please do so and if you can, keep us informed as to what eventually happened, and what it turned out to be.

Thanks again for using our free consultation services.

Get Well!

The Abdopain Team

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