pain in the lower right abdomen causing occasional numbness of the right hip

by Linda
(Anaheim hills, CA)

It started a month ago, pain in the lower right abdomen causing occasional numbness of the right hip. Went to emergency for the pain and was given a CAT scan with and without contrast, an ultasound and an internal scope. Nothing was appendix problem or stones.

Went to the GYN and no female related problems, went to an internist and she couldn't find anything. The pain is always there, but gets very intense and almost a burning sensation at times, especially when I bend down, turn at the hips or roll over in bed.

I am going for a colonoscopy in the next month.

The internist said it could be musculer/skelton.

I am 62 years old and have always been in excellent health and very active, not overweight, no smoking, no major surgeries.

Hi Linda,

I agree with your internist. It does sound like a pain arising from injury to your muscle, nerve or joint. I take it that you don't get nauseated and have not vomited during episodes of severe pain. If if develop any of these symptoms, it will be strongly advised you seek immediate medical attention.
I know you have been thoroughly investigated by way of various scans and tests, but I think, it is important that rare and difficult conditions that causes such pain should be specifically looked for and excluded.
One notoriously difficult to diagnosed cause of lower abdominal pain that spreads to the thigh and made worse by bending or turning is the so called sports hernia. You say you are very active. Do you engage in middle level sporting activities? If yes, why not trigger a discussion with your family doctor along that line, and get referred to an expert in this field? You may want to also look up the symptoms of other conditions like Spigelian hernia and obturator hernia. I am not suggesting that this is what you have of course, but the symptoms you described are making me think along those lines.

Please let us know how you went and if a diagnosis is eventually made. Meanwhile, we hope this pain is put under control in no time and does not affect your every day life for long.

With Best Wishes,

Dr Edema

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