Pain in right thigh and right side

by William Sailingships
(Lexington, SC)

Pain in right thigh and right side above hip one week. Leg pain gone. Still have right side pain. No other health issues that would apply. Age in 60's. what are possible causes?

Hi William,

Thanks for contacting us regarding the pain in your right thigh and right side. It is important that the pain on your right leg has now gone away. It suggests that it i snot likely due to a condition which is likely to get worse with time. However, the information provided is very scanty and it would be difficult to come to any truthful assessment and reasonable conclusion as to what is causing your pain.

I take it that you are a male in your 60's as provided. You are also not on any medication, like warfarin, I believe. Are you a sailor? have you been involved in a strenuous physical activity recently that might have lead to muscle pull? Is there any feeling of been unwell, fever, poor appetite, change in bowel habit or feeling of swelling around where the pain is? Do you suffer with hernias? What makes the pain worse, is it always there, is this pain actually in your abdomen or around your hip? Have you had a kidney stone before? Anyone in your family with kidney stone?

Answers to these questions will certainly help.

Please do not hesitate to provide more information to help us point you in the most probable direction.

Thank you again for visiting us here at

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Nov 17, 2012
Back, Side & Thigh Pain
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for responding! Since my post I went to Doctor. Turns out Xrays and Cat Scan finds I have two rather large Kidney Stones in Kidney. But was totally caught off guard when they showed me Xrays of back. Have curved spine over past couple years which I learned is in the genes. Have bone degeneration in disk and Arthritus in back. That is why I went from 6' 2" to 6'! Pain is gone after over two weeks for now. Advise: Don't wait to long go to Doctor!! I go to VA Hospital on a regular schedule but they never found problem. This time a civilan Doctor found out all these problems in one visit!!!! Thanks again!!

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