Pain in right side

by David


I have a pain in the right hand side which is in line with my belly button but at the furthest point on the side. Its like a dull pain and is worse when I am sitting. It doesn't feel like I have pulled a muscle and I haven't done anything strenuous lately.

If you could explain what the likely cause is I would be grateful. Its more uncomfortable than painful.

Thanks D

I have a family history of diabetes but tests prove I am clear. I have no history of any other illness except perhaps I have had chronic fatigue for a number of years. I suspect lyme disease but tests have always proved inconclusive.

Hello David,

Lyme disease often have a protean manifestion and should not cause the type of symptom you've described. Can you tell us more about this dull ache on the right sid eof your abdomen? For how long has it been there? You said sitting up makes it worse. What about direct pressure to teh site? Does it spread to any where else? Does the pain come in waves? Do you feel sick with it? Any fever? What about any constipation or diarrhoea? Does eating have any relationship with the pain?

Please always rememeber that it is often best to seek urgent medical attention if you have new onset pain that is making you unwell and for which you have no clear explanation.

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Aug 19, 2016
pain in right side
by: Anonymous

I have pain in right side, below the ribs, dull, sometimes come and go.It is only occasionally. I have chronic prostatis,for which I am taking tamsulosin and amitryptilin, the symptom of which is pain in groin ( of course on the right side). The groin pain is also many a time along with this right side pain. Scanning says no kidney stone.

Can you help me?

Jun 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have had constipation fatigue and exhaustion and an overall not well for 5 years. I had a polyp removed nov 2009 and diagnosed ibs with inflammed colon. No reasoning why. In nov 2011 had severe lower abdominal paim went to hosp found only a cyst and said to watch it. went to gastro did and upper lower gi found nothing but inflammed colon. I am often constipated and causes sever scapula pain behind rt chest same side as my right abdomin dull pain. Any ideas as to what this can be?

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