Pain in right side

by Angela
(Ray City, Ga.)

Angela 42, dont go see doctor unless really ill. tonsils out at 15, tubes tied in 1990. Mentapause at age 28.

In 2006 had pollups removed form uterous. Since Mentapause, taking synthroid, under active tyroid. Ok went to er. Thought they seen sludge, was in severe pain! did ultrasound. Then did Hidascope, levels were great, one praticiner thought he seen and obstruction in bowel duct, so then did MRCP, came back normal.???? still in pain they did endoscopy, which I felt was useless, since my stomach wasn't hurting, but did it anyway.

Now I have extinguished my options??? Do you think maybe a colonoscopy might could see something they havent. I think it is lower than my Gallbladder but kinda right below. Need help!

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