pain in my right upper right side directly under my ribs

by Candice
(Inwood, United States)

Have been having pain in my right upper right side
directly under my ribs. It's started about 3 weeks ago and only came "attacks".
It would hurt for a few seconds then stop, every 2 to 3 minutes the sharp pain
would come back but still inly lasting about 15 seconds or so and the attacks
lasted about 2 hours. For the past 3 days its has gotten worse. It almost seems
like the Sharp pain doesn't go away and gets worse after eating. I have been
getting awful headaches above my right eye for weeks and they have gotten
worse. It's sending Sharp pains to my back and up to my breast bone.

Hello Candice,

Thanks for using our free online forum to seek answer to your "attacks" of "pain in my upper right side directly under my ribs" that lasts from minutes to about 2 hours and aggravated by meals.

I think you have described a typical attack of what doctors call biliary colic. It is a moderate to severe pain that results from spasm of a pear shaped sac under our liver (just under the right rib cage very close to the right breast).
This spasm is often as a result of the sac trying to expel an obstruction in its part way, often caused by gallstones.

There may be associated feeling of been sick during the attack (some people actually vomits), sweating, and trying to find a position of comfort.

As you might have also noticed, foods rich in fat also makes this pain worse, like fried meals or oily foods.

If you develop this "pain in my right upper right side directly under my ribs", again, seeing the doctor is very important who may order a scan (HIDA SCAN) for you to help confirm if this pain is due to biliary colic from your gall bladder.

Should you feel feverish, or become jaundiced (yellow discoloration of the white of the eyes), it suggests that the gallbladder has become infected, a condition very related to biliary colic called cholecystitis. It does not sound, from your narrative above, that it has come to this.

Whatever it is, please do not become overly worried. These are conditions that are readily treated, and should not bring you lasting troubles.

Meanwhile, taking some very good pain killers during the attack will help alleviate the pain. A combination of paracetamol (acetaminophen) and diclofenac (if your are okay to take this - please check with your doctor), will most likely help.

We hope you get over this soon.

The Abdopain Team.

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Apr 07, 2013
by: Faith of Los Angeles

I have had this continues pain on the right side in the area of my ribs. One doctor said I had bruised ribs. Given medince that worked for a while but it came back. Lately, I feel like my food is not going out of my throat.n I feel I have a blockage. What should I ask my doctor to do? What test can I take to find out what is occuring wiyh my digestive system?

Jun 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

i have sharp pains or scratch from under my left breast it is a heart problem

May 30, 2012
Upper right quadrant pain.
by: Anonymous

I have been having this pain in my upper right quadrant for quite a long time now. The pain radiates through to my back and I get pain in my lower right abdomen. Sometimes this can be extremely painful. I've had a colonoscopy and the results came back clear. However, I feel the pain is becoming stronger and I suffer more headaches than usual. should I go back to my GP and ask for further investigation?

May 08, 2012
pain right side
by: ziggy

I have been having right pain for years off and on and goes to my right back, but no vomiting or sweating. Just right pain, I can't lay on my right or left side, bending over seems to affect it.

May 29, 2011
pain right side
by: Brendetta

There is a sharp pain in my side I woke this morning with it it is a contance pain will not go away if feels like a burning pain in my lower back around to my side.

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