Pain in my lower middle of Stomach!

by Junetta

For about 2 weeks I have had this intensive pain in the middle of my Lower Stomach above my Bikini Line. After I eat my breakfast, I immediately have to litterly RUN to the bathroom with Diarrah & Stomach cramping If I eat Lunch, same thing, after Dinner all is OK.

Rest of day or night the pain is there. Today for the first time, I was stuffed, and I had not eaten, I forced myself to eat, right into the bathroom. I go to bed with a stomach ache and awake with a stomach ache.

I was diagnosed as being on the border line of Diverticulitis, the holes are not open, but the lumps are there, that was in 2013, after I had my Colonoscopy, clean bill of health.

What do you suggest I do? With Asthma, sometimes I cannot tie up my sneaker, my stomach will not allow me to bend enough to reach the ties, then I am dizzie afterward.

I am 71 years old and was in good shape, now my stomach's look like I am Pregnant and nothing fits, miserable.

Thanks for listening!


Dear Junetta,

I can only imagine the upset having to dash to the bathroom after breakfast and lunch every day for the last fortnight could cause, coupled with stomach pain day and night and feeling bloated or distended in your abdomen just above your bikini line.

It is interesting that you mention that you do not tend to have to have to "literally RUN to the bathroom ... after Dinner". Can you recall the type of food you tend to have for breakfast and lunch? What seems to be different in terms of content in the evening?

I also note that you report that you had colonoscopy last year and that it was reported to be normal. That is indeed very good and

May I ask if you suffer with diabetes, and if so, are you on metformin (glucophage)?

I know you also said that your stomach looks like you are pregnant and nothing fits ... but have you perhaps lost some weight unintentionally recently from other part of your body other than your abdomen?

Well. From the story you have given so far, Junetta, it does sound like you will need to see your doctor to be tested for celiac disease.

Celiac disease is a condition where people are intolerant to wheat containing foods. This could lead to abdominal cramps, loose stools and a few other symptoms including iron deficiency and loss of hair.

Though this disease is more common in younger people, a recent study in Italy shows that 15% of new cases occurs in people older than 65 years of age and they typically would have suffered with this condition for upwards of 20 years undiagnosed.

This is one of the conditions that would need to be excluded as a possible cause of your symptoms. While that is been tested for, vitamin B12 and a complete blood test amongst other test that he or she (that is, your doctor) might want to do.

An abdominal ultrasound scan might help too, to take a look at your ovaries and exclude other causes of bloating.

While those tests are going on, you might want to take a look at the link at the end of this sentence to see if going on what we call the FODMAP Diet might help HERE.

Junetta, I hope you get some relief from these suggestions. Please do not hesitate to contact us again, should you have any further questions or concerns.

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Sincerely yours,

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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