pain in my back after my meals

i was scanned for gall stones 2yrs ago but nothing was found, after that i was fine until now. Every time i have a meal and i am on an healthy eating plan with weightwatchers, i get pain under my right back shoulder blade. I take ibupfofen which only takes the edge off it and a rennie for indegestion. The pain lasts for a few hours. I am a woman age 59yrs. The only medicines i have are zolmatripton for migraine.
I have been to the doctors with this problem and she thought it was some kind of inflammation around or between my ribs and advised me to take ibuprofen on a regular basis, but too much causes me to have nosebleeds. I also have adverse effects to artificial sweetners such as cramps, joint pains ect.
I have been sterilised, then had an hysterectomy.

moira mount

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