Pain in lower abdomen especially when pressure put on it.

by Jen

For a while now I have had a pain in my lower abdomen below the belly button. It is felt when pressure is put on area. I also have a strange sensation either in the vagina or the urethra. It feels a bit like I need to go to the loo but without the urge.

It can get worse when my bowels are full & is relieved somewhat when they are emptied.
A few weeks ago I had a bout of cystitis caused ,I think, by a bout of diarrhea . During this I experienced a very strong sensation in my urethra at the end of the flow & there was also blood at the same time. The blood was pink.
I was given antibiotics which relieved a lot of the symptoms. But I am still experiencing the initial symptoms..
I have not lost weight & feel otherwise well

Dear Jen,

I am pleased to know that you do feel well in yourself, despite this strange pain in your lower abdomen, below your belly button.

You mention that it has been there for a while now. How long is a while? Few weeks or months? I know you said you had this treatment for possible urine infection a few weeks ago meaning it most be weeks. But can you state exactly how long this "initial symptoms" has been for?

What about your age, if you do not mind - roughly? Are you still having periods? How is it like if you do - heavy? Does the lower abdominal pain tend to be more around the time of your period?

Are you sexually active? If yes, do you experience pain during intercourse?

You probably know where I am going with these questions now, Jen, if you have been following up with updates on this site.

The two likely causes of your symptoms are either:

  • Endometriosis or
  • Interstitial Cystitis.

Fibroid could also cause symptoms like this.
What about seeing your GP - perhaps you may benefit from an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound scan.
What are your thoughts?

Dr O Edema

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