pain in central upper stomach

by Jebby

My husband having pain in central upper stomach for a month now. He had first

blood work done and it show high liver enzymes but the number came down on the
second tested. They also screen for hepatitis and that came out negative. He
had small red streak of blood in his stool that day so they tested his colon
and found no blood. He had CT scan Abdominal ultrasound done. They saw what
they think an 2 cm complex cyst in left liver so he had CT scan done.
everything came back negative. Fault result on the ultrasound. Doctor doesn't
seem to concern but the pain doesn't go away. Sometimes eating makes him feel a
bit better. The pain also goes around behind his back too. Today he had another
small red streak in his stool. We are at dead end and lost hope for doctor to
find anything.

Please help. We just have a beautiful 9 month old son we want Dad to be around
watching him grow. I am very scared.

Thank you.

Dear Jebby,

I can see your concerns with this seemingly unexplained pain in your husband's central upper stomach area. This is further complicated by the finding of small streaks of blood in his stool. But please, do not be scared. What is happening is not uncommon and it is curable.

Did the doctor tell you what they think might be going on?

How long has these symptoms been present for? Is there any reduction in his appetite? I note that you mentioned that eating tends to make the pain better, but is he eating well? Is
there any vomiting or feeling of bloating in the abdomen?

Does he suffer with waterbrash too? This is a condition where people with acid problems find saliva accumulating in their mouth frequently and causing them to spit often.

What about his stools? Is he constipated? Are the stools hard? Has he suffered with piles or hemorrhoids in the past? Is there any pain during or after defecation in or around his anus?

What you've described sounds like a combination of two different problems:

  1. A case of duodenal ulcer, causing his pain in central upper stomach.

  2. Anal fissure or hemorrhoids.

He would require some basic testing for a start - stool or breathe test for Helicobacter pylori induced gastritis to exclude that as a cause of his pain in central upper stomach and most importantly, an endoscopy to see if there are any ulceration in the stomach or duodenum.

A physical examination of his anus or back passage and perhaps sigmoidoscopy may be necessary to ascertain the source and cause of the repeated small red streak of blood in his stool.

There is a very very big chance that undertaking the above tests would help confirm the diagnosis and then find cure to this upper central abdominal pain and blood in stool so that he can enjoy his new son.

It must be a difficult time for you looking after a 9 month old baby and an unwell hubby.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is any other way we can help and I look forward to hearing back from you on how everything went.

Best Wishes.

Dr Edema

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