Pain during the night in right pelvis

by J Harrison

History of Endometriosis and Adhesions, removal of fallopian tubes in previous years. 52 year old female
menopausal. Recent diagnosis of Diverculitis Disease, small Hiatus Hernia and Mid High Receotole Prolapse, IBS, tendency to frequent Piles and Fissures in anal canal.

Symptoms: Pain during the night in right pelvis and during the day pinching when sitting and discomfort on wearing tight waistbands, bloating and feeling of trapped wind in right pelvis close to ovary area and some around belly button.

Pain wakes me daily and has done for years. Excessive wind build up during the night and pain, some relief on passing motion but general discomfort.

Aware of discomfort which is often chronic pain, pain seems to affect my whole right hip and often travels down my right leg to knee, knee feels bruised. Low back pain and general body stiffness, difficult getting from kneeling or sitting position to standing, yet walking brings relief.

Have been offered Hysterectomy although warned it may worsen possible adhesions. Tried Zoladex injections and Tibolone HRT but did not appear to work hence apparent likelihood adhesions being the cause. Previous Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy 3 years before
found ovary stuck to bowel one side and tube stump adhered the other and endometriosis around the belly button area in abdomen. Since then CT scan showed Diverculitis Disease and small Hiatus Hernia. previous small prolapse confirmed and IBS. Anxiety is an issue.

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