pain above belly button up the middle between my breast

by Jennifer

Pain recently just below the belly button and just above belly button up the middle between my breast.

For several months I have had sharp shooting pains just to the left and the right of my belly button up through the middle of my breast.

Its throbs and happens about 10 mins or so at any time. I can mash on my stomach in those areas and it hurts. It feels like I have a small less than pea size knot in the middle of my stomach a little to the left of the middle of my stomach.

I get pains that shoot up through my right breast that goes around to my back at times.

I use the restroom as far as pooping a couple times a week and no problems urinating. I can mash on my stomach just above my belly button and feel my pulse beating but also when this happens its very store.


Dear Jeniffer,

The pain you are describing sounds very muscular in nature, and specifically sounds like referred pain arising from a myofascial trigger point pain.

Why not look up this topic and perhaps discuss it with your family physician - myofascial trigger points and those causing pain in the upper abdomen.

Thank you for stopping here and hope you come back often to follow our updates.

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