over right side pain

by rachael evenden
(christchurch new zealand)

hi my name is Rachael and im 26 and have been having this on going pain on my right side. been to hospital and my GP heaps had bloods and urine and smear done and are all fine so whats causing my pain?

i have heavy periods have since giving birth to my son three years ago. cant sleep at night as its un comftable on anti flammaory medications and conception pill to reduce bleeding and pain which isnt working. GP has me on a waiting list to have a scan of the ovaries done .

Dear Rachael Evenden,

I can clearly "see" that you feel distressed by this ongoing pain. I really hope you get to be bottom soon.

I thin your GP is doing all the right stuff. You will beneit from an abdominal and pelvic scan to exclude an ovarian cyst, fibroid and altimately endometrosis as the cause of your right sided abdominal pain.

Please note that should the pain become very serious, you should see the GP for an urgent referral for the scan and maybe gynaecologist review.

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