by stacie

I have had pain in my left abdominal area for at least three months now. they thought i had something wrong with colon,so got colonoscopy and nothing was wrong. i have also been told i have cysts on my left ovary, but nothing more about those because they saw them in a ct scan in the hospital when i went there because i was in so much pain. it seems like it gets worse around the time my period is coming. i can live with the pain, but i am starting to get this over whelming tired feeling, so tired i can hardly stand at work or drive without falling asleep. im going to the doctor friday morning, tomorrow, but im just afraid they are going to put me threw another test that wont figure out what's wrong with me. pain meds dont even make the pain go away, at all....i just dont know what could be wrong, it scares me how much pain im in 24/7, im afraid im going to kill over.

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