Only dull pain in the lower right abdomen


I have been experiencing a very dull pain in the lower right abdomen for a few days now but I also want to specify that i have no other symptoms such as nausea,vomiting,back pain,loss of appetite,fever or any other symptoms.So what can be a possible or probable cause for it?

Dear Agarwal,

Thank you for visiting and sharing your experience of a very dull pain in the lower right abdomen for a few days now.

For us to be able to make any reasonable assessment, could you let us know a few things like:
  • How old you are? Are you male of female?
  • When exactly did the pain start?
  • Does it spread to any where else?
  • Is there anything you have observed that makes the pain worse or better?
  • Are there any other associated problems with the pain - like any change in your bowel habits or appetite or fever, or nausea or weight loss or feeling bloated or feeling tired than usual or unwell? Is there any problem with your passing of urine?
  • Has there been any recent operations or medications?
  • Do you suffer with any medical problem in the past and what medicines do you take on a regular basis, if any?

As much information as possible will be helpful.

At any rate, such dull acne you described on the right lower abdomen may well be due to constipation, but that is strictly based on the very limited information provided.

Thank you once more for your query and looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Dr O Edema

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