New Zealand Immigration Clearance For TB

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My fiancee in the Philippines had a pleural effusion containing a small number of TB bacteria.

She has been treated for six months with Myrin P forte and another drug. She has just had 3 sputum smear tests which were all negative for TB bacteria and also 3 culture tests (8 weeks culture) which were also negative.

She has had the required 3 month interval chest x-ray which shows no significant changes. She must be TB free to enter New Zealand so we can be married. Do you think she will meet the required standard to enter NZ?

Hello Mr P.

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From the information you gave above, it sounds like your wife-to-be is ready for migration to join you in New Zealand.

Because TB remains a highly communicable disease, countries with very low incidence like yours, takes every possible step to reduce "importation" into her borders. I am glad that your fiancee is now certified to be cured. But New Zealand requires you fill out a specific form and get clearance verified by named physicians.

Your fiancee should go the the New Zealand immigration office in Manila and obtain the form (it could also be printed off the internet), with the list of approved physicians for her area to certfy her as been cured.

She will need to provide a respiratory physician’s report. This must include:

  • The date of diagnosis of her condition

  • Evidence of the treatment prescribed - in her case, the prescription of the medications as above

  • Evidence that she actually took those medicines - this could be receipts of purchases if available, and the negative tests results as you outlines above

  • Results of 3x3 sputum cultures. Smears alone will not be accepted.

Once she collates the above information, I think the New Zealand immigration office would examines these, repeat a Chest X-ray by their approved radiologist, and then issue her with a certificate of clean bill of health - from TB point of view.

I hope this helps to put things in perspective. Please do not hesitate to post further questions or comments here, should you need further help.

Dr Edema

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Dec 14, 2011
NZ immigration
by: Anonymous

Hi doctor

I have a similar question. My fiance and I are planning to get married in February and she is to move to NZ, but during the chest X-ray for the medical cert. they dedected TB in her lung. She has had a lungs rinsed in order to get cultures (still awaiting the results). She has recently started her treatment and by Feb will be going for her second X-ray. I was wondering wheter she can move to NZ while on treatment. The nurse told her that while she is on treatment, the TB is not infectious and she can't make others sick. So if the second X-ray shows the TB is under control, will that be enough for immigration?

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