Nagging right side pain

by Lee
(Noosa Heads QLD, Australia)

Hi I'm a 52 yr old lady have had niggling pain comes and goes right side around belly button tummy feels bloated have had it now for almost a month. Saw dr had pelvic ultra sound all normal dr thinks could be fibroids?

Hello Lee,

Thank you for stopping by to explore the possible cause of your nagging right side abdominal pain, close to the belly button. You also mention that you feel bloated with this pain.

Usually, fibroids will be picked up on ultrasound scan. That it did not show on scan makes me worry if this pain is due to fibroid. You also said it has been ongoing for a month. At age 52, it is very unlikely that your fibroid will start coming on now. Rarely, ultrasound scans may fail to demonstrate a fibroid. MRI may then be needed.

But before dashing off to do an MRI, I wonder if we have excluded the possibility of constipation as the cause of your nagging right side pain. Have you been opening your bowels as regularly as before and in good amount? What is your appetite like - good as before? Any change in weight? Does anyone in the family suffer with diverticulitis?
Have you had some routine blood tests?

Finding answers to these questions and perhaps trying out some laxatives like movicol after discussions with your doctor may be a good starting point. Then a CT of your abdomen and pelvis, or MRI may be the next step. What do you think Lee?

Please let us know how you went and the outcome with this nagging right side pain in your abdomen.
Meanwhile, we all here at truly wish you a fast identification and recovery from this pain in your tummy.

Thank you again for stopping here at and using our free online resource.

Dr Edema

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