Mystery pain so heavy that it wakes me up from my sleep

by tania


for the last 5 years (i m 34) i ve been having pain after the ovulation days end. It can go really bad, lasting 2 days.

It is so heavy that it wakes me up from my sleep, can last around 20-30 min and this can happen several times 5-6 during the day.

The first day is heavier then it comes not so frequent.

What RELIEFS me is just but something FROZEN-like a bottle of water from the fridge- directly on my belly,

Also i think that in theses days my belly is rather swollen.
i ve been doing ultrasound tests each year at my gyn, nothing fount.

Also ultrasounds of external organs, nothing again..My gyn says that the only way to see exactly what may be the case is do a laparoscopy, but i m not so cool about making an operation...

i ve been doing homeopathy the last years, not really a help (although that in the first years the pain lasted more days....but this changing in the duration maybe just irrelevant of the homeopathy and just a change of the body through the years.

Anybody has something like this?

thank you

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