My story--with epiploic appendagitis

by Diane

I had severe lower right quadrant pain several months ago.Went to clinic and they thought I had appendicitis. I was adamant I did not.

CT scan revealed I was correct and had epiploic appendagitis along with other anomalies CT scans tend to do.

I treated myself as very few were familiar with the condition--even my own MD was unaware of this condition.

It abated in about 2 weeks with OTC anti-inflammatories. T

This is usually a self-limiting 'disease' and is generally I believe a one-time event but lo and behold I am presently accursed with the same pain.

I have self-medicated and it is abating yet again. Perhaps it needs to be excised but as I was reading it is uncertain what is the function of these appendages.

Don't want to remove what may be necessary and integral to intestinal performance.

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