My experience with this condition called Epiploric Appendagitis

by Yvette J
(Waldorf, MD)

Approximately a month ago, I hired a personal trainer and began a regular workout schedule to strengthen my core then suddenly,I noticed a slight discomfort in my lower left abdomen that became increasingly worse to the point where it had altered my usual fast walking stride.

Then I noticed getting up from a sitting position had become an issue as well along with tolerable pain. One evening after an outing to the movies and dinner, I noticed the pain in my abdominal area had now become a constant source of increasing pain and discomfort, no nausea, vomiting or diarrhea was associated with my condition.

I went to Patient First medical center to find out what was going on and the treating Physician asked a series of questions and ordered blood work and thought perhaps it was a case of diverticulitis and prescribed an antibiotic and said to follow up with my primary Physician with 48 hours.

I saw my primary physician within 48 hours and she looked over the information I received from Patient First and performed her own check and decided to order additional lab work and a CT Scan with IV for differential screening of the internal organs.

Once the results came back with 24 hours, she said it was benign and uncommon diagnosis called Epiploric Appendagitis and prescribed a different antibiotic treatment for seven days along with pain medication.

My treating Physician knew of my medical history and other medical issues therefore she wasted no time getting to the bottom of my source of pain.

In the past I had several Polyps removed from my colon, I believe that had something to do with why she did not hesitate to move immediately into action.

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