My experience with epiploic appendagitis diagnosis and treatment

I was just diagnosed with epiploic appendagitis by CT scan after 10 days of chronic right-sided pain.

I have had diverticulitis for many years, even having my sigmoid colon removed two years ago.

Before my surgery, I complained about right-sided pain and was told that my diverticulitis was not severe on the right side and the pain from the left side was just radiating to my right side. Post surgery, the pain on my left side persisted on and off for 2 years.

My assumption was diverticulitis again as I have diverticula all over my colon. Antibiotics did not relieve my right-sided pain.

I assumed my diverticulitis was getting worse as I kept getting checked and kept getting antibiotics. Only today, 1 year and 10 months later, did I get this new diagnosis.

I am now wondering if maybe this has been a chronic issue for the last 2 years and I have been being mistreated all along.

I will see my surgeon next week and have MANY questions to ask. Be sure to have the radiologist who reads your CT scan purposely look for epiploic appendagitis before accepting another diagnosis!

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