My doctor just called with my CAT scan results!

by HelenM
(Whitemarsh Township, PA, USA)

Started with chills and fever on Sunday, March 29.

Temps up to 101.8 over the next few days, no diarrhea, just bloated feeling and loss of appetite and extreme thirst which I attributed to the fever.

Made appt with PCP for Thursday, April 2l. Was given tentative Dx of gastroenteritis and sent for CBC with differential, told that if the white cell count was high or if fever returned I would likely be admitted to hospital. Blood test results WNL.

Still having bloating and discomfort mainly in L lower quadrant but also R lower quadrant, on palpation. No relief, so visited PCP again on April 9.

Given instructions to eat light (already was) and scrip for CAT scan of abdomen without IV contrast (to which I am allergic).

Told to see gastroenterologist, not have CAT scan until after that visit, in case gastro had other suggestion. Visited gastro on Thursday, April 16.

Same area and level of discomfort/pain, advised to have CAT scan, done with barium prep on Friday, April 17.

Doctor just called with Dx of epiploic appendagitis, told me it is self-limiting and I can introduce more foods a little at a time, and to return to office in 2 weeks.

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