muscle pain

by sasha bueco
(abu dhabi)

i m a woman waitress and right now i am suffering of abdominal pain or muscle pain on my right side of my stomach. this was started 6days ago. i was admmited in the hospital here in alnoor hospital here in abudhabi. they do everything all the test that impossible to locate the pain. like ultrasound, xray, blood test, urine test byut they dont see nothing inside my body except muscle pain.(findings:muscle pain). im so dissaponted bec. everthing is normal but why does my right side still in severe pain. i cant even breath normal but my heart beat is normal. i cant even go to the toilet bec. when i walk i feel the pain too much. on the nxt day i cant handle the pain anymore so i was admmited again at shiek khalifa hospital. they do every exam like what the alnoor hospital did. but here they do CTscan. but everything are normal they took 5 tube of blood to make sure what is this pain i feel. but everything is normal. they inject me pain killer and antibiotics. so at that time i feel ok less pain but still evertime i walk the pain is still there. they dont admited me to hospital for observation and the doc. said if i vommite or something thats the only time that they can figure it out that i have complication inside me. i was so disappointed why like this they dont see nothing but i wish that they may feel what i felt right now. i always cry every minute. i wanna go back to normal now i wanna run walk i wanna laugh out loud and back to work now. i wanna do care free... i felt like i am pitty and nobody understand this disease.

Dear Sasha,

I can clearly feel your frustration about this right sided abdominal pain that seems to have defied diagnosis.

I think the good news about it all is that you have had a very extensive testing and nothing terrible is found. That means that your abdominal pain is not due to one of those dangerous causes like appendicitis, ovarian cyst, or hernia. I can sense that you are still in a lot of pain, especially on movement. But you said you do not have fever, and are not vomiting. Isn't it?

If you have been told that this right side abdominal pain is due to muscle pain, then know that muscle pain could take weeks to go away completely.

Please do not hesitate to see your doctor again and again for reassessment, as things can change and the picture could become clearer.

In the main time, I hope you are taking regular painkillers and are having plenty of rest.

If there is any specific way we could be of help, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Thank you so much for visiting us here at and for using our free online resource. We hope you come back soon.

Good Health To You.

The Abdopain Team.

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