Menstrual Pain Relief



Menstrual pain remedy can be achieved by the use of medications, moderate exercises mirena coils or TENS.


Medications like paracetamol, or anti-inflammatory medications like Diclofenac, Naproxen, or ibuprofen have been found to be effective in up to 4 out of five women suffering from severe dysmenorrhoea.

To secure good menstrual pain relief, it is important that the medications are used a few days before the onset of pain in many women.

Some women have fund out that once the pain have started, they may find these medications useless.

Menstrual pain relief medications can be purchased across the counter or from online medicine shops like this one here.

Some have found vitamins like vitamin B1 or thiamine useful

When menstrual or period pain is so troublesome and unresponsive to pain killers, Oral contraceptive pills have helped. These stop ovulation.

This is particularly useful in women who are not desirous of pregnancy at the same time.

You must discuss this with your doctor before the decision to start you on oral contraception is taken.

Mirena Coils

These are contraceptive coils placed inside the womb, with a film of hormone which is released at intervals.

The hormone, progesterone reduces uterine thickening, thus lessens the pain of contraction and reduce menstrual pain.


This involves the attachment of a device that send waves of electricity through the skin to the same nerves that transmit the pain impulse to the brain.

By so doing, it confuses the brain and the brain can not recognise pain. It is called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

This is a method used in treatment of chronic pain of any origin, and can be gotten from most pain clinic.


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