PMS or Premenstrual Stress Syndrome



Premenstrual stress syndrome is the term given to mood swing, anxiety and depression occurring before or during menstruation.

It is a relatively common problem. It occurs in up to three out of every four women. It thus more common than it is thought.

The severe form of the disorder is called Pre – menstrual Dysphoric Disorder, PMDD.

This is seen in about one out of ten women. Here, it may be so severe that treatment is needed.

Pre-menstrual stress syndrome is not the same as period pain

Cause of Premenstrual Stress Syndrome

The exact cause of premenstrual stress syndrome is not known.

It is thought to be due to high level of hormone released before menstruation, or interplay of a number of female hormones.

Oestrogen for example is known to lead to sat and water retention, which could explain the weight gain experienced in women with this problem.

It commonly follows puberty, pregnancy, tubal ligation, or just before menopause.

Symptoms of Pre-menstrual Syndrome

The symptoms of premenstrual stress syndrome mainly includes mood swings, anxiety, depression, crying for apparent no reason, scream or even be withdrawn, craving for foods like chocolate, diary products, headache, lower abdominal pain or cramping, constipation, bloating, and weight gain.

Premenstrual dsyphoric disorder (PMDD) is diagnosed if mood swing is related to menstruation and other causes of severe anxiety or depression has been ruled out.

In PMDD, the symptoms may be so severe that work may be affected.


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