Lower Right Abdominal Pain

by Connie M
(Maple, Ontario , Canada)

I have been having lower pain on the right side that is almost constantly present. At times it escalates in sharp almost twisting pain that is felt in my thigh and leg . I have noticed when I walking this pain seizes my right leg, mostly just where my leg is attached to my lower right side.

I struggle to take a step like I am having a spasim. It has been constantly there and intensifying into my lower back right side. It then feels aching for hours. If I walking it almost locks I cannot bend or take another step
It is a dull aching pain for hours.
I have a history of Crohn's disease and have had 4 surgeries
I have also had a uterectomy but still have my ovaries.

Dear Connie M,

Thank you for stopping here.
How long has this pain in your right lower abdomen been going on for - did it start in the last few days or has it been there for weeks or months or years? This is an important information to help differentiate it as an acute condition or a more chronic cause.

Is there any feeling of bloating in your tummy? What is your bowel motion like - any diarrhea or constipation? Are you vomiting, or feel like vomiting with the onset of the severe pain?

If the right lower abdominal pain that is almost constantly present, yet with periods of sharp escalation, spreading to your thigh, leg and lower back started in the past few days, it is most likely due to a twisted ovarian cyst on your right ovary.

It does not sound like a pain coming in from your Crohn's disease, except if you have some mild to moderate degree of bowel obstruction.

I will strongly suggest you go in to see your doctor, should the pain persists or if it is worsening. What do you think?

You may need an urgent ultrasound scan and perhaps CT or X-ray, depending on what the doctor thinks after examining you.

Meanwhile, what about trying some simple pain killer?

Please let us know how you went.

Get Well.

Dr Edema

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