lower right abdominal pain

by Mae

For the first 6 days I have been experiencing periodically sharp stabbing abdominal pain located by the appendix moving around the right hip, followed by nausea and the need to defecate (only a small pebble comes out). Before continuing you should know "go" the normal amount every morning. I have a loss of appetite and even smelling certain foods will being on the nausea. Thinking I might be pregnant I took a test but it was negative. Day7 and 8 the pain has gone away, but my discharge has and been bloody..im on birth control and still have a week left before im suppose to start. Today is day 9 I thought it would be a good day for a run but while running/jogging felt that same abdominal pain deep inside, I do not feel it when walking. It is also tinder but not unbearable when I press in the area of where the pain originated.

I plan on going to the doctor but when i called its flu season and they said they were not accepting patients because they were on a 3 hour wait. I tried to make another appointment but now the doctor is sick and I have to wait another week. Is it okay to wait that long?

Dear Mae,

I agree with you that you need to get checked as soon as possible to find out what might be causing your lower right abdominal pain.

Have you done a pregnancy test, despite taking birth control pills? There is always a chance of getting pregnant on these medications you now? If you did a pregnancy test (repeat, one despite the first negative result please) and if it is positive, you have to be seen very quickly to exclude ectopic pregnancy.

Another reason why you may have a right side abdominal pain with a blood stained vaginal discharge might be if you bleeding into an ovarian cyst.

Have you had your appendix out?

Please seek to be seen as soon as possible or go to your local emergency department or ER.

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