Lower Right Abdominal Pain During My Period

by maryjane

My period started on Monday and i had pain on lower middle part of my stomach or belly button part.On Tuesday while I was sitting down on the floor i feel like a needle is poking me on the lower right of my stomach.Before we went to the park I put my hair in a bun to take a shower with just my body.After I took a shower my i felt like i was going to have a headache.So we went to the park and when we were about to leave i felt the needle poking in the lower right of my stomach.Then we went to safeway and KFC.When we got home,that's when I got a headache.And then at night,my headache got a little worse and i feel like throwing up so i slept for maybe 15-25 minutes then when i got up i feel a little dizzy.I went to our sofa and closed my eyes for a little bit but when i got up again,my headache was gone but i don't feel good.I felt tired and weak. It's Wednesday today and I still feel the needle poking in my lower right part of my stomach.The poking is not continuous.I still have my period this day and im 18 years old.

Dear Mary-Jane,

Thank you for sharing your story with us, and I am indeed so sorry to learn about the right lower abdominal pain you are experiencing during your period.

What you described above are caused by two different pains. One is a normal period pain (the "pain on lower middle part of my stomach or belly button part") and the other pain (the needle poking in my lower right part of my stomach) is due to pain from what we call corpus luteum cyst. This is a type of cyst that develops in the ovary after an egg is released from its casing in the ovary. The empty casing becomes filled with blood and may twist or burst around the time of your period or menstruation, causing a sharp "poking" pain.

Eggs are released from the right or left ovary in turns, month by month. If your right ovary releases eggs this month, next month, it will be the turn of your left ovary. When a corpus leutum cyst occurs, the pain is felt on the side of the ovary where it is.

This is usually not a serious problem. The pain gets better on its own. It only very rarely causes any problems.

To be hundred percent sure of what is going on however, it may be necessary to get a pregnancy test done to first of all exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy (if you are sexually active).

If you are not pregnant, then why not try taking simple pain killers obtainable over the counter?

If the pain is worsening however, then please see your doctor as soon as possible or go to the Emergency Room.

It's a lot to take in here. I hope this helps.

Please do not hesitate to get back to us, should you have any other specific question.

Get Well.

Kindest Regards.

Dr Edema
On-Call Doctor

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