Lower Right Abdominal Pain at night

(California, USA)


I'm a Male, age 42. No history of surgery or pain, except this one. I exercise very little, twice a week.

Frequency - This pain comes and goes in minutes. It may come back in minutes or hours when in bed. Rare during the day. It generally happens once a month, may be twice in the last 3 months or so. This time, it seems to be there for 2 nights in a row.

Severity - On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful, the pain varies between 1 and 4.

Location - originates right by the right hip bone everytime in the front. When pain is at 3 or 4, it spreads to the entire right thigh in front. No pain in the back of the hip or thigh.

Symptoms - Healthy appetite, no fever, not vomitting. I pass gas off and on. Pain generally goes away when I pass gas but it eventually comes back to the same point. Have been having GasX for the last 2 days. Bowel movement once in 2 days. No weight loss. Am not in office this week. When paining in bed, I try to turn around a lot to find the best position. No fatigue, itching or mouth ulcers.

Diet - Green Beans with garlic as side last two days. Non-Veg diet with rice. Low water intake. Drink a glass of warm water every morning. Mostly Indian diet.

Can you help me with this please?


What you described here does sound like lower right abdominal pain from trapped wind or irritable bowel syndrome.

Have you travelled abroad recently - in the last 6 months to South East Asia or Africa?
Is there something you are particularly worried about?

Why not see your doctor to have some testing done, at least to exclude any serious cause. I honestly do not think it is something to worry about.

Please see your doctor and be examined and have some test done if possible.

We would be glad to be updated, should any thing be found.

Best Wishes.

Dr Edema

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