Lower middle abdominal pain

by Donna

I have what I call episodes or flare ups that make me feel like I am dieing.

Usually starts a half hour after waking up. My abdominal starts hurting and I feel like I need to have a bowel movement.

After going the pain will subside, however not for long. It comes back and I rush to the bathroom again.

The pain gets so intense that I start sweating and feel like I am going to pass out.I have to lay down on the cool bathroom floor. Sometimes I do lose consciousness.

When waking up I usually have to throw up and have another bowel movement. This can go on for anywhere from a half hour long to all day long. I am totally exhausted and have lower back pain by the time these episodes end. This happens more and more often.

Dr's.say ibs with constipation cause I have gone without bowel movement for week and a half before. However these episodes have happened after having a good bowel movement every day.

Had colonoscopy which was fine. Went on linzess but after a week gave me diarrhea.

Have tried changing diet to no avail.

I take a probiotic twice a day.

I can't take this flare ups anymore.

Please help.

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