lower left side pain

by Taylor
(Shirley, MA, USA)

Hi I'm a female and I just turned 20. For a couple of days now I have been experiencing a lower left side pain. It's not a sharp pain but more of an ache.

It's kinda right near my pelvic bone (my hip area). Like if I'm laying down the pain is at the height of my hip bone and a finger length from the hip bone. At first I though it may be my intestines but it wouldn't be lasting a couple of days if it did.

I Kinda was thinking it was one of my ovaries but I feel like they are too low in the body for me to be feeling them.

The reason I was thinking that was a couple of days ago my partner and I were fooling around and giving each other body massages and used an oil. It's just massage oil with no scent but I didn't know if maybe that had something to do it why my side is hurting.

The pain is mostly staying the same but like today I could feel it just a little bit more. Should I be concerned or wait a little longer and see if the pain still exists?

I have no other medical conditions. Oh also I was on my period at the time I was with my partner. Would that have an effect? I was 3 days into it.

Should I be a little concerned?

Hi Taylor,

I think you are right. The lower left side pain you've described might be from your left ovary or bowel. There is a very very small chance though of this being due to endometriosis.
You could have pain from your ovaries or pain from your endometriosis around the time of your period.

Since the pain in not particularly severe and you do not have any other symptoms, and you are sure you are not pregnant, it is reasonable to take some pain killers and wait for a few day see if it goes away. Otherwise, you will need to see your doctor, should symptoms be getting worse.

Thank you Taylor, for visiting abdopain.com and using our free online services. We hope you get better soon and hope to see you coming back to follow our updates and contribute your thoughts too in our forum.

Again, get well soon!

With Best Wishes.

The Abdominal Pain team.

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