lower left abdominal pain

by Jordan
(United States)

I am 18 years old and have not had a period in a year and a half.

Because of this I went to a Doctor and he believes he could start back my periods by preforming acupressure so, I let him do it. That same day, about 4 hours later after the acupressure, i started having severe pain in my abdomen. It started on the lower left side and then moved to my right side and my back. I went to the ER and they did ultrasound and a x ray and they found nothing wrong.

It is December now (Lower left abdominal pain since June)and I still have lower left abdominal pain periodically. I can walk and I don't have pain, but when i try to jog or speed walk I start having the pain. Sometimes I will get the pain randomly in car or just sitting down. I don't know if this has anything to do with not having periods or if something is actually wrong in my abdomen.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions,
Thank You,

Dear Jordan,

Thank you for stopping by here and seeking more information to help with this lower left abdominal pain that has been ongoing since June.
I can see that this pain followed the acupressure you had, to help "start back your periods".

For clarity sake, can you confirm that what was done during the acupressure involved you lying on your back, and then the doctor used his palms to massage a point on your lower abdomen in a clockwise movement for about 15 minutes, before going on to your back? If that was what happened, that is a standard acupressure process for menstruation problems. It should not cause any significant damage - the worst it could cause is muscle injury, but that should heal within 6 weeks or so.

Your not having had a period for the last 18 months coupled with an intermittent lower left abdominal pain concerns me. I am wondering if this may be due to problems with your hormones, or perhaps with the surface of the womb.

Have you seen a gynecologist? A complete work up will be necessary so that should there be any problem that requires treatment, the sooner this is provided the better. How do you feel about this?
If you are someone who really prefers natural remedies to western medicines, you can browse through a selection of natural remedies for women validated by many medical experts and see if you could get one to try for this ongoing period problem.

Please feel free to come back with more queries on this or any related issue. I will be very grateful if you could update us too on how things went.

Dr Edema


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