Lower left abdominal pain however tested neg for a uti

by Robin

Hi started to think I was getting a bladder infection, I’m 62, so I went to urgent care to have a culture.

It came back neg but I still have two days left to finish macrobid.

Waiting to see my gynecologist.

One month ago I was hospitalised with diverticulitis but that cleared up.

Last week got the flu but just about over that. Still on a basic low residue, gluten free diet but the pain won’t quit.

I suffer from ibs but my bowls are actually fine right now.

Hi Robin,

Sorry to hear your story.

With your history of diverticulitis in the past, it is very likely that your current symptom is due to it. Are you passing blood or mucus in your stool?

Did you get blood tests and CT scan done in ER to exclude diverticulitis?

Your family doctor may be your next port of call and perhaps a course of antibiotics (metronidazole and amoxi-clav or ciprofloxacin) might help.

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