Lower left abdominal pain frequent when ill with flu like symptoms

by Jesse Paul
(Victoria Canada)

Male 32 years of age.. Lower left abdominal pain frequent when ill with flu like symptoms. Had stomach ulcers since my early 20's

I have been having lower left abdominal pain whenever I become ill with flu like symptoms. I decided to research more and found this site(among many).

I started reading some stories of other peoples similar issues and came across this fellow.....Agonizing Pain For Over a Year by Don H (Mobile, AL, USA) and I noticed so many of the people that posted their symptoms had responses .

As that's whats this site is for.. But how does a story like this go unnoticed??? Not one reply for him? He did have one from an anonymous person but what about the pros here guys? Is his situation over your heads? Just might be.

I wouldn't doubt if hes ended it already. My story just changed and I don't much feel like going on with mine at this point. Another day maybe

Hi Jesse Paul,

Thanks for your thoughts as above. Let's deal with your concerns about your previous posting not been responded to. We aim to respond to as many post as possible here, but as you may appreciate, we cannot respond to every posts, for want of resources to do so. We prioritize cases posted and then respond to a selection of those (I am sorry we have to do that for now). We hope to expand our medical team in the nearest future, to be able to accommodate more queries.

Having said that, there are things you can do to help improve the chances of your post being responded to. Please follow our guide here.

Now. Regarding your complaint of lower abdominal pain each time you have flu symptoms, that tells me that your abdominal pain could be due to swellings on the glands on the wall of your bowel, what we call mesenteric adenitis.

Please see your doctor for a proper examination and re-evaluation, should this happen again.

I hope this helps.

Please do not hesitate to come back again, should you have any further question and feel free to use our free online medical consultation services anytime.

It's been a pleasure having you in here today.

Best Wishes,

Dr Edema.

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