Lower Abdomenal pain that is only getting worse.

by D. P.
(Brownfield, TX)

My pain started 2 weeks ago.

It first started as right lower side pain that seemed to wrap around to the back. It then moved down my side to where the ovary is. Now it starts in the lower right side of my back and goes all the way across my abdomen to the other side.

My doctor said that I need an ultra sound, but I have no insurance and a seasonal job that will only last for another 5 weeks and doesn't pay anything. All I have to say is pray for me!!!!

Dear Dana,

That your lower abdominal pain has been on going for two weeks, means that it could not be one of those causes of pain that poses immediate threat to life. I don't know if that helps.

How old are you? Have you had pains like this before? Do you have any trouble passing urine or perhaps passing urine a bit more frequently than normal? Any stinging sensation when do so? Do you have any unusual discharge from your "front passage"? What are your periods like?

Has there been any change in your bowel motions - do you go to the restroom to do number 2 (poo)? any differently in the last one or two weeks? Has there been any blood or perhaps slime (mucus) in your poo? (Very personal questions aren't they? Sorry.)

What's your appetite been like? Have you been losing weight recently without trying?

Answers to these questions may old the key to your diagnosis.

As regards your not having health insurance,why not go into your local Emergency Room (ER)? I think it is important that you get seen by a doctor and examined.

Have you tried looking for "as you go" health insurance? You may be surprised that you may be eligible for a subsidy right way and get seen privately and treated!

All options should be on the table, including prayer certainly and lots of action. What do you think, Dana? Why not see if you can get affordable health insurance and compare plans instantly from this provider here?

Please get back to us and let us know how you fared. I am very very eager to hear back from you, Dana.

Dr O Edema

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