lower abdomen pain center but 3 inches below belly which is very intense

by IHP
(houston, tx)

I am a woman, 34 yrs old. Never been pregnant. Having normal periods.

I did have right ovary removed about 2 yrs ago due to dermoid cyst.

Since last for days, I been having lower abdomen pain, "center but 3 inches below belly) which is very intense.

I had vomiting and loss of appetite.

I had similar pain, but to the little left of the current pain. Within couple of months, gynac did a ultra sound, from inside and outside.

Gynac could see small cysts in left ovary, but was told not concerning.

I also had CT scan ,which could find anything. On Sunday,(2 days ago) I went to emergency room, they did ultrasound again, and found none.

They prescribed pain killer and to reduce inflammation. I am still having pain if I don't take medications.

I have seen Gynac, family doctor. Who Should I consult next?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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