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hi, my friend is 33 and has been experiencing a dull, constant ache in her upper left abdominal area underneath her rib cage. She is also feeling nauseous as well. She doesn't smoke or drink and has had no change in her bowel movements.

What is it???


We would certainly be glad to help with what could possibly be causing the dull, constant ache in your girlfriend's upper left abdominal area underneath her rib cage.

To help us though, we would need more information.

  • How long has she had this pain for?
  • Does it spread anywhere else?
  • Is there any thing that seems to make the pain worse - like walking or bending or talking?
  • Is there any weight loss, fever, or change in her appetite?
  • Has she been on any foreign travel recently? If yes, to where?
  • In what other ways is the pain affecting her?
  • Does she suffer with any medical condition (s) normally?
  • Is she on any regular medications?
  • Does she have any drug allergy?

Common causes of left upper abdominal pain (under rib cage) at 33 would include:
  • Costochondritis. This is inflammation of the cartilage part of the rib. If it affects the lower rib, it could seem to come from under the rib cage. It could be felt as a dull constant pain or sharp pain intermittent, worse on breathing in deeply, coughing or moving. It could respond to the use of pain killers like Anaprox (naproxen), if she is not asthmatic and does not suffer with stomach ulcer, and not allergic to naproxen. She could take this as well as Panadeine Forte (Co-codamol 30/500mg) if pain is very bad.

  • Spleen pain. Though not an organ that commonly cause any problem, sometimes infections do occur in the spleen. This could cause a left upper abdominal pain under the rib cage. That is exactly where the spleen is. This can cause fever, nausea and feeling generally unwell. You can see a number of common conditions that affects the spleen here.

  • Kidney Infection or Stone. This can cause gradual or sudden onset left upper abdominal pain that spreads from the upper back. Constant but with periods of exacerbation. They may be associated nausea and vomiting, fever if it is due to an infection.

    Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and pancreatic tail abscess are other things that could cause pain in the left upper abdomen under the rib cage, with associated nausea.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us, should there be any other specific questions you would want help with.

    Best Wishes.


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