left sided abdominal pain which goes under left shoulder in back

by Corinne Dupont
(lafayette la.)

I have been having left sided abdominal pain which also hurts in my left back ribs and under my shoulder blade for 5 years---it stays for months and goes away for awhile---this past July, it was accompanied by bile diarrhea and nausea---My doctor did blood work (liver and Pancreatic enzymes normal)--HIDA scan (ejection fraction 31), endoscope(showed inflammation in stomach), small bowel barium study (normal), colonoscopy(normal), CT of the abdomen(normal), ultrasound of the abdomen(normal)and x-rays of the ribs, shoulder, lungs etc.(normal)---so they opted to remove the gallbladder laproscopically on Aug.5th.

I still experience the left sided pain, periods of nausea, and occasional loose stools---my doctors are baffled. I take 20 mg. protonix, Carafate 1xday, xanax to sleep(.25) and plant based digetive enzymes..Do you think they missed something because three months post gallbladder surgery I still have left sided pain and nausea??

i would so appreciate any comment,advice or help to know what to do...
sometimes I get very anxious about these continuing digestive issues...I don't smoke or drink and am 61 years old...Also, I lost 12 pounds through all of this and was thin to begin with...

Hello Corinne Dupont,

It sounds like your doctor has done quite an extensive work up in a bid to elucidate the cause of this annoying left sided abdominal pain which goes under the left shoulder and back.

Though you had a gall bladder surgery, your gallbladder is obviously on the right side, and thus could not have been the cause of the pain you described, unless you have an rotation of your organs in a condition referred to as dextrocardia / situs-invertus.

The possible cause of the left sided abdominal pain that has persisted on and off for 5 years after such an extensive investigation could be due to one of the following:

1. Nerve Root Irritation - maybe from posturing or pressure on your lower thorax spine nerve root on the left side

2. Abdominal Adhesions -if you have had abdominal surgery some years before, this is a possibility

3. A functional condition like undiagnosed irritable bowel syndrome (more so since all other test came back normal)

4. Though not likely, did you get a blood test to exclude celiac disease?

If all these possibilities have been excluded and the cause of the abdominal pain is still not found, then it is less likely that it is one of the dangerous causes of abdominal pain. I can imagine the discomfort and suffering it brings to you! I can also seen that you have done every thing within your means to get to the bottom.

Perhaps, concentrating on ways to bring the pain under control should be the focus of your healthcare providers at this point, while carrying out intermittent checks / surveillance on other potential cause.

I hope those possibilities are looked into and we sincerely wish you a speedy recovery from this enigmatic left sided abdominal pain.

Please keep us updated as you go.

Get Well.

Dr O. Edema

On Call Doctor, Abdopain.com,
For The AbdoPain Team

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Jun 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

Try iridology. - Diane Elms

Mar 12, 2012
I have the same symptoms
by: Anonymous

I have the same symptoms.. Right now I'm in alot of pain.. sometimes it's so bad I drop to the ground..ugh!! I feel like I am going to throw up!!

Jan 17, 2012
pls help
by: Anonymous

my husband have left abdominal pain for one and a half month now under rib

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