left side under the belly button abdominal pain

by lisi
(san bruno)

I had eptopic operation done four years ago,fybroid removed.so I have been on early menopause ever since,and lately(three days) I have been having pains.left side of my abdomen.
.I haven't been taking any kind of medication.

Hi Lisi,

Have you opened your bowel in the last three days? If yes, have they been of normal consistency or texture and quantity?

Yes. Constipation, is a very common cause of recent onset left sided abdominal pain especially if you do not suffer with irritable bowel syndrome or diverticular disease.

Any feeling of nausea or have you actually vomited? What's your temperature like - any feeling of hot and cold or shivering? Hope there is no swellings around the side of the abdomen where you have the pain? What is your urine like? Passing urine more frequently than normal? Any burning sensation when you wee? If the pain were not there, how do you feel in yourself otherwise?

If you press on the side or spot that hurts, does that worsens the pain? If so, on a scale of 0 to 10, o being no pain at all, to 10 being the worst ever possible, how bad would you say this pain is now, and if you press on the spot?

I note that you said you had ectopic pregnancy as well as fibroid operations in the past. We are indeed sorry to hear that! Did you have your uterus removed completely (that is the ovaries, tubes and the womb plus the cervix or neck of the womb? If you had these major surgeries, that creates a possibility that the cause of your left sided abdominal pain could also be due to adhesions, but less likely. Hope you are not bleeding from the vagina or back passage (bowel) and no recent un-intended weight loss.

If you answer no to all the above questions, then if I were you, I will take some simple pain killers like paracetamol and increase my water and fruit and vegetable intake, and if the pain does not get better after another day or two, or if it is getting worse, then you will need to see your doctor promptly

What do you think Lisi?

Do that and come back and let us know what happened.

With Best Wishes.

The Abdominal Pain team.

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