Left side pain

by Pat
(Starke, FL)

Age 63, female.......I have diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis
Medications....Actos, glimeprride, Ultram, Zoloft, Ativan,

I have had left side abdominal pain for appx. 3 months. It started really low, as in groin pain/burning, sharp, along with some puffiness. The pain is worse at night, and early morning before I get out of bed. Right now it's 4AM and I have a burning, sharp pain from my groin area, all the way up to my rib cage, and from the rib cage and into my back. Severe bloating, and painful in some areas when I press in.

When I first had the groin pain and swelling I went to the doctor, who sent me to a surgeon, because he thought I had a hernia. Was not. Haven't been back to the doctor, but will have to because of the increasing pain.

Some nausea, but not always.

Surgeries...comp. hysterectomy, 2 lumbar discectomies, A lumbar fusion, total left knee replacement.

Would like some feedback please.
Thank you..

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