Left side pain in upper abdominal area

by Laurie

I have had a pain on my left side off and on for the last few months.

The pain is below my stomch, but above my belly button. When I first started having the pain, it seemed to become more painful after eating. As the pain continued I became constipated and began having a problem with reflux (always felt like there was bile at the bottom of my throat).

The pain has gone away for the last few weeks as well as the constipation, but the reflux continues and some days I have to go to the bathroom up to 4 times for a bowel movement. I have asthma, but do not have any other medical conditions.

I have not had any surgery or medical problems except for having a serious/cold flu for about three weeks (had the pain for at least a month before this illness).

Im am 46 years old, and if anything have low blood pressure. I am not on any medications and have no allergies to medications.

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Apr 22, 2012
ab pain
by: Anonymous

i have pain on left below my belly button ive had anti for water infections but pain still there i have had scans nothing shows up but stomach feels bloated ive had problems on and off for 5 years but nobody can give me an answer to what it is they all fob you off with ibs but pain can be there for weeks and it worries you that it could be something bad the doctor hasnt spotted have to go back to him again an ask for ultra scan to see if anything shows up driving me mad not knowing

Mar 24, 2011
leftside upper abdominal pain
by: Anonymous

I have also been sufferring from a stitch like pain for several months. I also had the same problem when I was a child but no cause found by the medical professionals.
I also have had a reflux problem for about 3 years now and take omeprazole which stops the symptoms.
I have also had a huge stomach for several years and despite food allergy testings, scans nothing found to be the cause.
I am not constipated but I do pass a movement about 4 times daily. and consistency varies.
I have had kidney stones in the past
I have also had urine infections in the past.
My GP has been unable to come up with any response to my pain and although the pain is not too bad I feel worried that there maybe some underlying cause that needs addressing.

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