left side of my stomach is hurting

I have been sick for the past few days and now my left side of my stomach is hurting and it makes my whole body hurt what should i do

Dear Candace,

Thank you for your post here and I am truly sorry to learn of your being sick and now having pain on the left side of your stomach.

How long has this left side stomach pain been going on for? Did it start today? Is the pain on the lower or upper side of your left abdomen? How bad is it - say on a scale of 0 to 10, zero being no pain, to 10 being the most severe pain ever possible?

Are there any other associated symptoms - like nausea, or vomiting or fever or diarrhoea or bloating, dizziness or dark stools or blood from anywhere?

Are you known to suffer with any ongoing medical condition (s)? What about medications - are you on any regular meds?

How old are you roughly? Would you think you might be pregnant? When last did you have your menstrual period?

Answers to these questions would certainly help in narrowing down what may be causing the left side of your stomach to hurt. Please get in touch here.

It is important that you go in to seek urgent medical attention if your pain is lasting more than an hour from when it started or if you are vomiting or bleeding with this pain.

O. Edema MD.

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