left side abdominal pain

by Anu

I'm 23 old female single,weight:43kgs,height:5.4

left side abdominal pain and back ache from 2 months,brownish blood spotting from 10 days. sometimes feels swelling in the abdomen,swelling in the lower back,irregular periods

Dear Anu,

The symptoms you described - left side abdominal pain and back ache from 2 months, brownish blood spotting from 10 days and the feeling of abdominal swelling and irregular period all points to the possibility of endometriosis.

Is endometroisis a condition you are familiar with?

Sometimes, in some women, the normal lining of the womb called the endometrium finds its way to other sites of the body outside the womb, and continues to behave like it would inside the womb.

This means that during your menstrual period, this womb tissue outside your womb breaks down and causes bleeding like it would in the womb. The blood released is trapped, becoming dark chocolaty in nature and over time, accumulates, causing abdominal distension, heavy or irregular period, back pain, chronic pelvic or abdominal pain and spotting in some cases.

Usually, this condition runs in the family. Does any woman in your family suffer with long standing abdominal pain?

Please see your doctor and work together to exclude this condition.

You may need ultrasound scan initially, but the best way of diagnosing this condition is through direct visualization with endoscopy.

Main while, taking strong pain killers and combined contraceptive pills have been known to help many women suffering with this condition to control their symptoms.

You can get more info on Endo-Ex for natural treatment of Endometriosis here if you are the type that likes natural remedies.

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