Left Side Abdominal Pain

by Teresa Rios
(Miami FL USA)

Hello my name is Teresa, i am 34 yrs old.i suffer from constipation occasionally and also i had asthma as a child. these past 2 weeks i have been experiencing pain on my LT lower abdominal area,it first started on my upper lt side of chest..i thought it was a gas trapped, so i drunk plenty of soda to try and get it out. i also have been consuming alcohol more than usual and i smoke cig.i feel the pain mostly when i am inhaling.

I am on loestrin low as birth control method vit A 10,000,B-12 500, & C 500. that's all i take. should i go to the ER and rule it out? i am really nervous and i don't have health insurance.

Thank you for your help.


Hello Teresa,
Are you coughing? Any shortness of breath - as if you are unable to get enough air when you breath? Any high temperature? What about your bowel motions? You said you are constipated usually. Do you feel that way currently?
Yes. It is important you go to your local Emergency department and get checked. Because of your history of being on oestrogen contraceptive pills and you smoke, as well as having this lower chest pain and upper left sided abdominal pain that hurts more when you breath, they would need to exclude a blood clot in your lungs - pulmonary embolism.
Of course it is not suggested that you have this condition, but your history makes your risk for this condition her than the general population.
Another possible cause of the type of pain you are describing is a low lying lung infection or pneumonia or even pleurisy.
So we strongly recommended that you go your Emergency department as soon as possible. At least if you have all the test and if they come back normal, you will be rest assured that you are okay.
We always ask for feedback if you don't mind Teresa. Let's know how things went once you are all cleared and well.
Many thanks for using our online consultation services.
Good Health To You!

The Abdominal Pain team.

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Jan 21, 2015
get off it
by: Anonymous

get off methyltrexate , my father was on it many years ago and its scarred his liver and caused other problems and fyi no life insurance policy will cover you if you have been on this drug.

Feb 06, 2014
Left side abdominal pain
by: AnonySharonmous

I've had a left side pain for more than a year. They found blood in my urine twice. The pain comes and goes. The one Dr. thinks it the methtrexate that I take once a week for my artritis. Serveral times I' ve a sharp pain it' s like a cramp in the same area when I twist a certain way.

Sep 21, 2012
please help
by: Anonymous

hello. My daughter is 5 years old and has trouble with constipation. She is experiencing pain on her left side now. Can you please tell me what can cause her left side to hurt? is it serious?

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