left side abdominal Pain.

I'm 21 year woman, since 10 months (Feb 2010) I'm suffering from abdominal pain in the left side of my stomach. but i don't get the pain continuously.

First two months I had little pain and then 4 months i was healthy. later another month i had slight pain and it became normal. Now from past 3 weeks every alternate days i'm getting mild pain. I'm not able to find out what's the problem.. should I consult a doctor and is scanning necessary?


Thanks for posting your concerns here. Giving as much information as possible like:

Name, Medical Problems you might have had in the past, including any long term condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, sick cell anaemia, or asthma, as well as history of any previous surgical operation, List of any Medication (s) you may be taking at this moment, Any history of Allergy to Any Medication as well as a bit more detail in terms of description of the pain you have will help us to understand the nature of the problem better and be able to give a guided advice.

It is difficult to say what the problem is now, but my guess is that you definitely will benefit from seeing a doctor to take a more detailed history and examine you. If need be, some blood tests would be requested.

Please see your doctor, and do not hesitate to share with us what the findings are. You do not have to use your real name, so you remain anonymous.

Thanks again for your post, and hope to hear from you soon.


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Nov 06, 2016
left lower abdominal pain for almost 1year
by: Anonymous

Hello im twenty two and i am suffering left lower abdominal pain and hard as i palpated it while the other side is soft and having pain during coitus and during menstruation_i have a fast breathing and slow respiration and i feel so tired all the time even if i am not doing anything and i am afraid to consult a doctor_is there a possibility that i have tumors in this area? What will i gonna do _?what test will be done to this situation? Thankyou,

Hi. You need to see a doctor.
You would need a scan to exclude endometriosis or ovarian cyst. I would do that pretty soon.

Jun 10, 2011
severe constipation and abdominal pain
by: Anonymous

I am 23 years old and over the past 6 months i have been experiencing sudden waves of nausea which can last anything up to 4hours. I have often found that after eating larger meals I experience extreme pain in the middle of my abdomen, it almost feels like a knot pulling my body together so i cannot stand up straight. This pain usually subsides after a bowel movement and sleep. I have always been a very tired person but have had blood tests which suggest everything is fine. A week ago I experienced what I thought was one of my 'normal' waves of nausea however it has persisted for the full week only subsiding slightly with anti-sickness tablets. During these waves of nausea my body trembles from head to toe and I feel to weak to even lift my head. On top of all this I have lost my appetite and struggle to even take water without my guts rumbling and feelin ill and I have not had a bowel movement in 7days (i would normally go atleast 3 times a week) despite using senakot and 2 micro-enemas prescribed by the doctor. My GP is organising further investigations but at the moment I am struggling with lower left abdominal pain. Any suggestions as to what it might be? I have been to the GP 4 times this week I've been so ill, firstly i was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection which was not cleared by the first antibiotic so i was then given a more aggressive antibiotic which cleared the infection but I am still experiencing all the same symptoms (as I never had any UTI symptoms in the first place) I am definitely not pregnant and have no other health issues nor am i on any other medication. I would appreciate any suggestions as to what this might be.

Dec 29, 2010
Check for Endometeriosis
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your pain could be due to Endometrosis. Check with you OBGYN for a diagnostic test for Endo.

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