Left Side Abdominal Pain constant

My mother has always been a healthy person. she would exercise, eat healthy, little alcohol. Over the past two weeks she has had a blinding pain on the left side of her abdomen (anterior side).

What i can tell you about her medical history is that she has been under very much stress for the past two years and that she has always been low on iron.

could you please advise me what i should do (besides see the doctor). I am aware of the fact that i have not given very much information but i hope you can point me in the right direction.

kind regards.

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Dec 19, 2010
RE: Constant Left Side Abdominal Pain
by: Dr. O. Edema MBBS MSc DRCOG

Hello (...should I say Jesica or Andrew? A name would always help, even if it is a fictitious one - we will need that as a referrence aid, and the city you are writing from too, would help us tailor advice to what what is obtainable in that region or country).

I am sorry to learn of the ongoing pain your mother is experiencing on her left abdomen.

What coulld be the cause?

I take it that your mum should be at least in her 40's or 60's. The common causes of abdominal pain of new onset at that age would include:

  1. Constipation
  2. Diverticular disease
  3. Ovarian problem

I also note that you mention that she has low iron levels. That raises the posibility of coeliac disease and possibly, bowel cancer ( this is a remote possibility). What is her apettite like? Any weight loss, what about her energy levels - any reduction in recent months? Any change in the frequency of going to open her bowels (poop)? Any sensation of incomplete opening of her bowels? Any change in the color of her stools?

Is she on any medication? What about painkillers - has she taken some for the pain?

If she is not opened her bowels as she normally would, why not try some laxatives?

I would definitely see the doctors to be physically examined and investigated if need be, should symptoms persists after 3 days.

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